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Operations & Maintenance Contracts

We can accommodate residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial operations & maintenance contracts

NWIS provides contracts to operate, maintain and repair sewage treatment systems and lift stations across the commercial, industrial and municipal sectors. We can provide the necessary operations and maintenance for oversight of these systems on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis, depending on the needs of the individual system. We can audit and assess the treatment unit and provide a written evaluation with repair recommendations and estimates.

Advanced sewer treatment options that meet the strictest discharge limits are available. NWIS also has the ability to upgrade existing facilities that are required to meet these stricter guidelines. We have multiple options available to accommodate all budgets and footprint sizes.

Operations maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Greasing and changing the oil in the blower motors
  • Maintaining the quality of the blower air filter
  • Maintain an adequate supply of chlorine in the treatment unit to ensure pathogen disinfection
  • Measure and record amp draw on all pump & electric motors
  • Check and inspect motor and pump blower alignments
  • Check belts for wear and proper tension
  • Check blowers for proper operation
  • Check all float switches in wet wells
  • Check all breakers, contractors, relays and capacitors
  • Check aeration systems and diffuser bars
  • Check and clean any clogged sludge or skimmer return lines
  • Clean bar screens, brush and clear weirs
  • Maintain flow measurement devices
  • Assist with sludge removal operations (additional fee may apply)