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Line Repair

Blockage and buildup may cause damage to your sewer system pipes if not treated properly. Our team is proud to offer a wide variety of rehabilitation methods, details of which are included below, to repair damaged sewer lines. When a problem is identified, we will investigate the issue in order to determine the best method for the rehab.


Point repair is used to fix small areas of damage on a sewer line. Once the damage is located, the site is excavated and the damaged line is repaired or replaced.


Trenchless point repair is a technique used to easily and efficiently replace water lines. This is done by using a video inspection system and jetter to pull a point repair system into place of the damaged line and inflating it to make a new line over the damaged area. Trenchless point repair is minimally invasive to the property and creates one connected water line.

Two types of trenchless point repair we use are as follows:

  • CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe)
  • Linkpipe