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Any customer that has water service through Ascension Water Company or Parish Water will contact the water company to set up the new account. The water company will provide the billing for both water and sewer services.

All areas not served by the Ascension Water or Parish Water will contact our office to set up new service accounts. Please call: 225-673-3156 or 1-833-744-3210.

National Water Infrastructure (NWI) maintains a 24-Hour Answering Service for any sewer emergencies at 225-673-3156 (ex. sewer backing up, sewer overflowing, sewer lift stations or plant malfunctions.) Always call NWI before a plumber is called. When a sewer emergency is called in after office hours, please wait for the prompt, press “0”, wait for the operator, and state the type of emergency. Please leave the subdivision name, address, your name and a contact number.

As a homeowner you are responsible for the 4” sewer line that leaves your house up to and including the 4” to 6” sewer tie in.

Call NWI at 225-673-3156. This means that there is something needing attention and needs to be addressed.

Call NWI at 225-673-3156 so we can come out and assess the situation. These issues will be accessed during normal business hours.

This is a manhole that connects the main sewer lines. If there is sewage coming out of the manhole, call NWI at 225-673-3156 immediately.

Our operators are servicing the treatment plants and lift stations on a predetermined weekly schedule.

  • Disposable items such as diapers, mop strings, sanitary napkins, feminine products, large quantities of paper products.
  • Flushable wipes
  • Tobacco products or similar items
  • Coffee grounds, oils and grease (such as cooking grease).
  • Towels, rags and any type of clothing material.

Limit water usage as much as possible to avoid back up, including kitchen and bathrooms.


NWI is regulated by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. When a rate is requested, NWI must go before the LPSC for permission. The Commission staff is charged with the duty of investigating the request for rate change. During this time, NWI is required to justify all of its expenses for the operation of the company. After the complete investigation, a hearing is set. The commissioner’s decision will then determine the rates that the company will be permitted to collect.

NWI’s sewer rate is based on a monthly flat rate. The residential rate is $49.10 per month. There is also a .80cent DEQ Fee (Department of Environmental Quality) included with each monthly charge. There is also a New Service Fee of $50.00 that is charged on all new accounts when the account is established. This fee is included on all new accounts.

Starting in May 2024, your monthly bill will include the Hurricane Ida Storm Recovery Rider in the amount of $1.54 as approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) in Order No. U-36604 dated February 22, 2024. This monthly charge will be collected over a 12-month period to recover storm costs incurred by the NWI as authorized by the LPSC.