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24/7 Emergency Support: 225-673-3156

Hurricane Ida

Due to the severity of Hurricane Ida, many of our wastewater treatment plants remain without power. If you are a National Water Infrastructure customer who currently does not have power, the treatment plant serving your neighborhood likely does not have power either. Due to the lack of power, our operations teams are working diligently across our service area to manually pump down the treatment plants to reduce the number of overflows.

Until power is restored, please limit your use of water, such as only flushing toilets when necessary. This will help prevent and minimize overflows until power is restored.

If you are a National Water Infrastructure customer and are experiencing overflow or flushing issues, please call 225-673-3156 to report the issue. All messages received through this 24/7 hotline are sent directly to our operations teams for dispatch. We are committed to serving you as quickly as possible.